I’m Lukas, a database engineer, an author, a security expert and a web developer.

These days, you’ll find me hanging around database corners – my content about databases and security on the web has taught tens of millions of people and continues to do so to this day.

Database Engineering

When it comes to database engineering, I’m always searching for interesting and unconventional ways to solve traditional problems: over the years, I’ve collaborated with Severalnines, Arctype (now part of ClickHouse), DbVisualizer, Redgate, MariaDB, and other well-known names in the industry.

I have also spoke at events including, but not limited to Percona LIVE, MariaDB Unconference & Server Fest, and Big Data Conference Europe. I enjoy running workshops and teaching developers how to break things that have been built.


Here are some of my favorite pieces about database engineering I’m proud of:


I’ve spoken at a variety of events over the years. Here are some of my favorite events:

The key areas that I focus on when speaking at events are as follows:

  • Database availability, performance and security
  • Securing appllications from data breaches
  • Raising awareness about security and threats on the web
  • Interesting and unconventional approaches to database performance and application security

I am always looking forward to speak at technology events, conferences and workshops. Should you want to invite me to speak somewhere, do get in touch and I will respond promptly.