You will often find me speaking at technology-related events across the globe – I usually speak about information security, privacy, web development and design or about things related to databases (MySQL), also other topics. I would be happy to speak at your next event or a conference, develop and conduct a training session for your team or run a workshop too. I am also open to other opportunities.

I am constantly refining my public speaking skills and I aim to speak in such a way that blends both education and entertainment – I also prepare and rehearse my speeches in such a way that they feel organic and natural.

Previous Speaking Engagements

Here’s some of the previous events I have spoken at:

  • Build Stuff 2018 (Vilnius, Lithuania) – “Lessons From 4 Billion Breached Records”
  • LITEXPO Congress Center (Vilnius, Lithuania) – I have spoken about the harm of data breaches and how people can protect themselves from identity theft.
  • ┼Żalgiris Arena (Kaunas, Lithuania) – I have spoken about the harm of data breaches and how people can protect themselves from identity theft at the biggest indoor arena in the Baltics.
  • DevTalks Reimagined (Bucharest & Cluj-Napoca, Romania) – I have spoken about the correlation between data breaches, big data and MySQL alongside with speakers from BitDefender, Bloomberg, CrowdStrike, Google, Ubisoft and other companies. DevTalks Reimagined had more than 6,000 attendees – my speech was rated 4.40 out of 5.00.
  • World Summit Awards 2020 (Online) – I am a World Summit Awards 2020 nominee – I represented Lithuania against an international jury evaluating the best digital innovations in the world. My content was evaluated by an international jury of experts from universities in various countries, Serbian & UAE governments, UNICEF, companies in Holland, Australia, Austria, Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, Spain & elsewhere.
  • Percona LIVE – I have spoken at Percona LIVE alongside the best database engineers in the world. The roster of international speakers included people representing MariaDB, MinervaDB, Percona, Pythian, ProxySQL, Amazon, Adobe, Booking.com, Carnegie Mellon University, RedHat, ScyllaDB, Elastic, indeed, Uber, PayPal, Venmo, Shopify, LinkedIn, Edmodo, Intel, MessageBird, Huawei, Yandex, Wise and other companies.

Speaking at Your Event

I would gladly speak at events or conferences that you or your company organizes. As previously noted, I can also run workshops or conduct training sessions. If you would like me to speak at your event, get in touch via the contact page.