Build Stuff 2019 Retrospective

It’s November. For some developers it’s just an ordinary month – for some of them it means maintenance of projects, for some – building something cool on their own. Some of them visit Build Stuff. A lot of them, actually – this year Build Stuff has had around 1,400 attendees.

Build Stuff 2019

Build Stuff is an annual conference for developers being organized in Lithuania. Conference theme for this year – Programming Jungle.

As usual, the conference started off with a welcome talk:

After the welcome talk, we had a keynote delivered by David Phillips who gave insights on storytelling and techniques how to enhance stories – after that, Patrick Kua spoke about talking with tech leads.

On Thursday, we saw Julie Lerman covering the usage of legacy systems:

After her talk, in another venue, Rene Schulte got on stage to speak about mixed reality:

The next day, we saw Alexandra White on stage speaking about the importance of documenting code and keeping things simple too – she spoke about the importance of proper code documentation and understandable READMEs.

The event, as usual, had many different activities including a basketball game, focus-controlled cars and others – we even had a button-clicking game provided by Oracle where the winner is a person which manages to click the most buttons in 30 seconds:

Hey, we even had style corners with stickers on the table:

The Jungle Party

A party is a traditional part of Build Stuff – this year it was organized on November 14. We had Dylan Beattie on the stage singing about REST APIs, Javascript frameworks, source control and DMCA takedowns.

And, of course, no event would be complete without some popcorn on the table, would it?